You are an international student and wish to know more about how to apply for bachelor’s or master’s programmes ?

What are the requirements ? Where to find more information about programmes  ? How is life in Liège and what about accommodation ? Which level is required in the French language for programme taught in French ? Which level in English for full English programmes?  How much does it cost to study at Uliège ? You are on the right page and the links behind the key words will help you find answers to all your questions.

We do appreciate your interest in our programmes and we would be proud to welcoming you in our Institution like about the 4,000 international students who already chose ULiège for studying !

Bernadette Marcq, from our Advice and Information team, gives you in less then 3 minutes the basis to know all you need to know about our University, our study programmes and student life in our campuses of Liège, Gembloux & Arlon :



Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the registration desk is temporarily closed. In view of this exceptional situation, we have taken the decision to accept applications from non-European students electronically until 30 April (*). However, your file can only be processed if you comply with specific conditions, detailed on this page. (*) subject to legal or regulatory changes

We answer your questions by e-mail 

Organisation of courses

Learn more about higher education terms for French-speaking Belgium


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Discover our programmes 

You will find the study programs presented by cycles: bachelor, master, specialization master, doctorate as well as other types of training such as agégation exams  (for teaching in Belgium) or university certificates.

Before joining us

  1. Consult the registration procedures: all the procedures are done online.
    Admissions are already open for 2020-2021 !
  2. Find out about social and financial assistance.
  3. Find out about housing and life on our campuses.

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